Langsuirs are frightening vampire apparitions. They are reputed to be very beautiful yet demonic, strong and vicious creatures. Langsuirs are amongst the deadliest banshees in Taksaka, capable of devouring the victim's blood from the inside. Langsuirs can also turn themselves into a Small grayish-white night-owl at will.

They have straight jet black hair, dark eyes, long nails and a sweet flowery smell about them. Their eyes will turn completely white when they are about to feed. Langsuirs dress in a white silk robes with a headscarf covering over the upper part of their face down to the nose. Only their lips and strands of dark hair are visible under the veil. It is said that a woman who dies during childbirth will rise again as a langsuir. The familiar (demon) that turns a woman into a langsuir is hereditary, passed down from generation to generation.

Langsuirs are often solitary hunters, but some form covens led by a matriarch. These wise, old langsuirs usually don't hunt or shapeshift, instead relying on its offspring to bring her food.

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