The Langanese is the largest minority group in the Kaliyatra empire with an estimated population of 800,000 inhabitants. They are descended from the Laiak peoples and related to the Kedayuh.They live in semi-tropical, high-altitude forests of Langa, but significant populations can be found elsewhere, especially in Taksaka and Maganda. While their primary occupation is the cultivation of rice, they also hunt, forage, and engage in physical activities, such as stick fighting and nat throwing. Gambling, music, and dancing are also popular pastimes among the Langanese. Shadow play is their favourite form of storytelling.

In Langa, Langanese are highly skilled in the use of improvised weapons. Since Langa came under Kaliyatra control, the Langanese were forbidden to bear arms. This was to prevent uprisings and unnecessary violence against their new rulers. To defend themselves against outlaws and bandits, the Langanese happily used whatever items they could get their hands on. This proved surprisingly effective and the Langanese have handed down these skills for generations now.

Langanese people use the Langanese language in everyday speech. One-tenth of the population also speak Kaliyatran. Like many people in the Suwarnabumi region, Langanese do not have family names. Nobles tend to use one or two names, but seldom a surname.

Most Langanese follow Thalathanism as their religion. Some also follow Nagaism, particularly in eastern Langa.

Game Information

Langanese possess the same background traits as other humans with the following changes:
—Favoured Feats: Defensive Roll, Improved Knockout Punch

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