Laiak religion

The Laiak religion is a polytheistic, animistic religion that involves the worship of spirits. Most of these invisible spirit beings are local gods with dedicated shrines and shaman that tend them. There are literally thousands of different spirits in Laiak belief. They are taught that all things have a soul, even inanimate things such as rocks, trees and rivers. The Laiak believe that the cause of sickness happens when the soul of a person leaves the body. To remedy this, one must call upon the pawang or shaman to help guide the soul back. Another common belief among the Laiak is that the human body has two souls—one that stays with the corpse upon death while the other remain in the home of the deceased, until proper funeral rites are preformed and the soul is sent on the journey to the land of the dead.

They view the material world as the sum of the two other worlds, an upper and a lower world, but no separate middle world. In the beginning, before the world split, there was the Tree of Life. The Laiak believe that their ancestors were born from this Tree. The fruits of the Tree are said to grant immortality to anyone that eats it, and it was what the gods themselves fed upon. The anti-gods watched the gods enviously, hidden in gorges beneath the Tree of Life. They longed to taste the fruit of the Tree. Then a conflict between the gods and the anti-gods arose, which destroyed the Tree of Life. This event divided the world into an upper and lower region. The gods took residence in the upper region and the lower region became the realm of the anti-gods. But the destruction of the Tree was only temporary; the Tree of Life was reborn.


The Laiak afterlife is a world filled with icy-cold water with a narrow bridge that leads to the land of the dead. The bridge is guarded by divine spirits of justice and obedience that prevent the unworthy from crossing. The Laiak believe that only good souls may pass and the wicked fall into the waters and are reborn unto the world again. Crossing the bridge means that the soul has finally liberated itself from the agonizing cycle of birth, death and rebirth.

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