Laiak (or Liak) is a generic name for a group of indigenous tribes on the island of Panau. There are several hundreds of different tribes among the Laiak, but most share similar customs, social structures, tools, and weapons. Approximately three million Laiak live in Panau. They are notorious for their head-hunters (and sometimes man-eaters), which is a prominent part of the their religious practices. They are wary and suspicious of outsiders and anything they consider otherworldly. Although not openly hostile towards foreigners, they prefer to keep their distance from them. They live in stilt houses, a house that can take in more than one family. Each stilt-house has its own chief. They are very superstitious and careful not to offend any invisible spirits. The Laiak are renowned for their strong story-telling tradition. Every night, before going to sleep, the children of the village relax to listen to their parents tell stories. Most tribes are rice cultivating farmers but many hundreds remain as nomadic hunter-gatherers in the jungle, believed to have been their traditional way of life. A typical Laiak is short and wiry, having dark eyes and hair that ranges from light brown to dark black.

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