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"True power comes not to the greatest of men, but to the best of deceivers."
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death -
Occupation Leader of Kyra's Green Army; (formerly) field marshal of the Pahanari Expeditionary Force
Known relatives Unknown
Significant other Unknown
Current location Palalangan
Affiliation Kyra's Green Army
Ramala's Cult
Thalathanist partisans
Pahanari Lands
Background Tiyanak
Role Adept
Character level 12
Portrayed by Kyra

Kyra served with the Pahanari army for many decades. She was the highest in command and general of the Pahanari Expeditionary Force on Palalangan. She collected the four pieces of the Kaia Stone in order to prevent anyone from assembling them. She was convinced that chaos would break out if they were ever used. She won many battles and was called the "honourable general" among her allies, but to her enemies she was nothing more than bloodthirsty.

Kyra, blinded by her power and victories, wasn't satisfied with what she had. She wanted to learn more about these Kaia Stone shards she was protecting. Could they perhaps be used for her gain?

She learned about a temple where the Kaia Stone were said to have been crafted. She took off with a small number of elite soldiers to protect her. On their way back from the temple they were encountered by a supernatural creature. After which none of them were seen again.

Waking up in a temple being rid of her former memories she found shelter among the bunians. A shaman sensed great powers within Kyra and gave up her own life to awake the spirit of Samania, a descended prophet Kyra carried within her soul. Kyra was led to believe that she was chosen to free the island of evil.

Along one of her adventures trying to learn more about her legacy as the Samania she came across a stone shard. It was the first piece of the Kaia Stone. She was convinced by the bunian that the stones were the key to freedom.

Upon collecting the second piece of the Kaia Stone she learned something crucial about herself. The completing of the Kaia Stone was more important than her friends and nothing was going to get in her way.

Game Information


Type: 12th Level Humanoid (Tiyanak Adept 12)
Size: Small
Speed: 180 ft. (360 ft with Supernatural Speed)
Abilities: Str -2, Dex +2, Con +0, Int +2, Wis +3, Cha +3
Skills: Bluff 15 (+17), Concentration 8 (+11), Diplomacy 8 (+16), Knowledge (theology and philosophy) 8 (+11), Language 2, Medicine 8 (+11), Notice 15 (+18), Search 10 (+12), Stealth 7 (+9), Survival 0 (+3)
Feats: Canny Dodge, Lucky, Improved Speed, Innate Power (Supernatural Speed), Iron Will, Mind Over Body, Move-by Action, Night VisionB, Powers (9)
Traits: Supernatural Philosophy (Elementalism [fire]), The Talent, Tiyanak Background Traits, Powers (rank 15, Wis, save Difficulty 19, Blink, Body Control +16, Elemental Blast, Fire Shaping +16, Phase, Self Shaping +16, Supernatural Speed, True Seeing +16)
Combat: Attack +13 (+1 size, +6 base, +2 Dex, +3 Equipment) (+14 with Elemental Blast) (+10 with Cane Sword), Damage +12 (Elemental Blast, crit 20/+3), Damage +2 (canesword, crit 18-20/+3), Defence Dodge/Parry +15/— (+1 size, +6 base, +2 Dex, +3 Wis, +3 Equipment), Initiative +2
Saving Throws: Toughness +1 (-1 size, +0 Con, +2 Equipment), Fortitude +15 (+4 base, +0 Con, +3 Wis, +3 feat, +5 Equipment), Reflex +9 (+4 base, +2 Dex, +3 feat), Will +21 (+8 base, +3 Wis, +5 feat, +5 Equipment)
Conviction: 8, Honour: 0 (average), Virtue: Determined, Vice: Insidious
Languages: Achariyan, Kedayuh, Tiyanak, Pahanari, Kaliyatran
Height: 2 ft. 3 in.
Weight: 23 lb.
Age: Unknown

Weapons: Canesword (+3 damage)
Armour: Samania's Robe (+5 bonus to Diplomacy checks with the chance to reroll that check once every encounter, +3 Dodge bonus)
Equipment: Amulet of Long Life (Wearer gains access to one of the following skills for the rest of the day: Cure, Cure Blindness/Deafness, Cure Disease, Cure Poison or Imbue Life), Bracers of Accuracy (+3 bonus to attack rolls), Dakhani's Eye (+2 bonus to ranged attacks with powers), Ember Ring (+2 bonus on all saving throws against cold attacks or effects and suffer only non-lethal damage from cold. Allows the wearer to generate a flame illuminating a 20-foot radius), Kaia Stone shards (Green, Red, Black), Preservance charm (+5 to Fortitude saving throws), Silent Mind charm (+5 to Will saving throws).

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