Location: Peninsula bordering the Bay of Lunang and Niahnese Sea, north-west of the Kaliyatra empire, west of Bakasura
Area: 17,211 sq mi
Climate: tropical; hot, humid, rainy
Terrain: low, flat in east, west and north; central highlands; mountainous in far south
Population: 735,252 (84% human, 14% harimau, 1% siyokoy, 1% other)
Religions: Thalathanism, traditional Laiak beliefs
Languages: Kumarian
Capital: Zaresha

Kumari is a military autocracy; anyone who willingly serves at least eighteen years in the army becomes a citizen, regardless of background or religion. A council of nine war leaders rule the country. The Kumari kingdom was founded in the by Ghanh Loc after the defeat and fall of Aatkanya. It was the first human nation in the region. Zaresha is the largest city and capital of Kumari.

Harimau also live in an area called Anuram in the mountainous regions in the west of Sarilawan.

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