Korah is an Ebon Warrior who serves the Vamachara as a hunter. She doesn't remember much of her childhood. Korah's first real memory was being stuffed into a room with a dozen other girls. When Korah was in her teens, she was sold to a brothel. She managed to convince one of her clients, General Akai, to help her escape. Akai adopted the girl and trained her in the way of the sword. Years later, when Korah felt she was ready, she killed the man responsible for her time captivity. Ever since that fateful day, she has been on the run and joined the Vamachara three years ago.

Game Information

KORAH (3rd-Level Hunter)

Role: Warrior 3rd
Size: Medium
Speed: 30 ft.
Abilities: Str +3, Dex +2, Con +2, Int +2, Wis -1, Cha -2
Skills: Bluff 6 (+4), Jump 6 (+9), Knowledge (streetwise) 6 (+8), Knowledge (tactics) 6 (+8), Notice 6 (+5), Perform (string instrument) 4 (+4), Sense Motive 6 (+5)
Feats: Armour Training (light), Attack Focus (kampilan), Attack Specialization (kampilan), Exotic Weapon Training (kampilan), Rage, Shield Training, Weapon Training
Core Ability: Flawless Defence
Traits: Human Background Traits
Combat: Attack +5 (+3 base, +2 Dex) (+7 with Retribution), Damage +7 (Retribution, crit 17-20/+3) or +5 (javelin, crit 20/+3), Defence Dodge/Parry +5/+8 (+3 base, +2 Dex/+3 Str, +2 Equipment), Initiative +2
Saving Throws: Toughness +7 (+2 Con, +5 Equipment), Fortitude +5 (+3 base, +2 Con), Reflex +2 (+0 base, +2 Dex), Will -1 (+0 base, -1 Wis)
Conviction: 4, Virtue: Commitment, Vice: Ruthlessness
Languages: Illanese (Ebon), Pahanari, Kaliyatran, Hao
Height: 5 ft 8 in
Weight: 160 lb.
Age: 21

Weapons: Retribution (damage +3, crit 17-20/+3), Javelin (damage +2, crit 20/+3), Badik (damage +2, crit 19-20/+3)
Equipment: Retribution (masterwork kampilan imbued with Attack Focus [Retribution], Ghost Touch, Improved Critical, Supernatural Weapon), Supernatural oil, healing salve, javelin (6), smoke bomb, fire-lighting stone, hammock, mosquito net, rations (5 days), snake wine (3), torches, travel clothing (2)

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