Kifaru and Yuda
Kifaru and Yuda
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Kifaru and Yuda islands, part of Achariya
Location Islands in the Kaliyatra Ocean, south of Achariya, southwest of the Phanaric Lands
Area 155 sq m (400 km2)
Terrain mostly mountainous with some volcanic areas
Climate subtropical, littlle seasonal variation
Population 3,800
Ethnic groups Pahanari, Achariyan, Harash
Religions Thalathanism, Berhala
Languages Pahanari 40%, Achariyan 30%, Harash 20%, other 10%
Type Chiefdoms, protectorate
Capital Nawaidi
Largest city Nawaidi
Main exports Fish, salt, spices, ship repairing

The islands of Kifaru and Yuda was a land occupied by the Batu-log for centuries. The first Pahanari settlers established trading post on the eastern shores of Kifaru. Nawaidi is the capital of the province. The Pahanari Commerce Guild maintains control of the trade from and to the islands.

Numerous conflicts between the Achariyans and Pahanari have been fought over control of the two islands, not only for its strategic value, but also for its abundance of rare spices.

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