Location: North of Amaratian Desert, Navapadas in the east and northeast
Area: 54,503 sq miles
Climate: long, cold winters and short, rainy summers.
Terrain: flat steppes, cold and mountainous regions to the east and north, Amaratian Desert to the south
Population: 47,800 (96% human, 2% tiyanak, 2% other)
Religions: Harash mythology, shamanism, animism
Languages: Amaratian, Harash, Khat, Qigani
Capital: Zilat

Khatun is a land of arid and temperate steppes, with the Amaratian Desert to the south and mountains to the east and north. Khatun's economy is largely centred on herding. Typical livestock consists of sheep, goat, cattle and horses. Khatun is inhabited by nomadic tribes.



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