The Kedayuh or Kedayu usually refers to those whose native tongue is Kedayuh, but more specifically the people who live in Langa, the Nau Islands, and Panau. The datu is the traditional ruler in Kedayuh society, having a function similar to that of a duke. In return for tribute and labour, the datu provides aid in emergencies and mediate disputes with other communities. Like many Laiak islanders in the Kaliyatra Ocean, the Kedayuh are highly superstitious and worship the spirits of their ancestors. The Kedayuh are known to be brave and renowned martial artists, never backing down from a challenge.

The Kedayuh have two forms of marriage. The first is the respectable form, in which the families of the man and the woman met and politely propose. But most Kedayuh like to have fun and excitement, preferring marriage by elopement. The man spirits away his woman and they go into hiding. The family of the woman try to locate the couple but never manage to find her. Upon returning, the couple announces it is too late to stop them now and the marriage is officially recognized.

Because they have unusually active and organized lifestyles, its hard for a Kedayuh to go unnoticed. They simply cannot help to put their nose where it doesn't belong and everybody seems to know everyone.

The Kedayuh are Thalathanists, like the Langanese.

Kedayuh possess the same background traits as other humans with the following changes.
—Favoured Feats: Chokehold, Stunning Attack

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