The Kaliyatran people (also called Kaliyatrans) refer to the group of Harathi people who natively speak the Kaliyatran language. They are one of the oldest Sundari ethnic groups in Suwarnabumi, and form the majority along the coastal region of Taksaka. They costitute 15% or more of the Kaliyatra empire's population. Kaliyatrans also live in eastern Langa. The Kaliyatran culture is similar to the dominant Harathi, but with more Langanese influence, likely due to its geographical isolation from the Padmattiya mainland.

The first king of Kaliyatra was Shailandra, who founded the Kaliyatra Nagaist Taksaka kingdom which ruled the region for two hundred years, and expanded across much of Langa and Maganda. The Kaliyatran rulers were skilled politicians, and they relied more on loyalty than on coercion. In return for support and allegiance, the Kedayuh and other local peoples were rewarded by the Kaliyatrans with a share of the taxes levied on trade and vessels in transit.

The Kaliyatran are predominately Nagaist and are one of the five main Nagaist ethnic groups within the Kaliyatra empire (the others being the Karwaris, Samar and Talogo). They pride themselves as becoming the first human followers of Nagasim in Suwarnabumi. While strictly Nagaist, the Kaliyatrans used many Thalathan rituals, influenced by the Pahanari, to reinforce their legitimacy and ascertain themselves as "universal kings" toward other local rulers. The title Maharaja, or Great King was used to symbolise their supremacy.

They mostly speak the Kaliyatran, a language that belongs to the Harathi language family. Many also learn Kedayuh and Langanese as second languages.

Game Information

Kaliyatran possess the same background traits as other humans with the following changes.
—Favoured Feats: Inspire, Skill Mastery

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