Jungle matrons

The Jungle Matrons are Thalathanist ascetics and hermits who live mainly in the rainforest of Langa. Jungle matrons are treated with great respect and addressed as Revered Mother. Abandoned women, children, and widows often become jungle matrons by seeking out such shelters. These holy women were Thalathanists who fled during the reign of Emperor Athikaya III. In Langa, they formed refugee communities around isolated villages far away from the reach of the Kaliyatra.

As devout Thalathanists nuns, they wear ochre-coloured robes and never cut their hair. They refrain from alcohol, meat, sex, violence, gaining wealth, and other worldly pursuits that might prevent them from reaching their ultimate goal: to make them "one with Tahamatan". Jungle matrons are often required to spend a lot of time in the forest alone, and are encouraged to fast and meditate in difficult postures in pursuit of hidden knowledge and lore.

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