Akilah's Compassion

This trinket is simply a leather cord with an indiscreet rock attached to it. Whenever you wear it, it reminds you of Akilah. This enhancer grants the user Heart Reading and Heart Shaping (Friendship and Hope only) powers at will. Power bonus 15.


This mighty two-handed sword was used by the war chief Kazedma during the Arshanian revolts against the Phanariens. It was said that Kazedma used the sword to unite the warring house people and the fragmented tribes into a vast Arshanian army. During the final stages of the rebellion, the sword was broken and the rebels captured. Kazedma was executed. His head was recovered and the surviving Arshanians fled to the mountains. The sword became lost in time, until Rushan, an old Arshanian veteran who discovered it. He gave the weapon to another Arshanian, named Pharizad. In his dying breath, Rushan instructed him to reforge the blade so the tribe and house people could become whole again.


According to legend, the ancient gods punished the humans for not worshipping them, creating eight suns in the sky. The searing heat of these suns burnt all the trees, drained the lakes and oceans, and slowly began to kill off any living thing down there. An archer prayed to the Heavens for aide. The sun people answered that call, and bestowed the Dawnbow upon the archer. With this mighty bow he shot down seven of the eight sun and all turned back to normal. But when the sun people asked for the bow back, the archer refused. He told them he intended to use the weapon against his enemies, ridding them once and for all. The archer then turned upon his benefactors. Appalled by this treachery, the sun people cursed the archer and his people with eternal rebirth. It is believed that because of the archer's actions, humans are locked in the repeated cycle of birth, death and rebirth, unable to free themselves.

Dragon Spirit

The scales of this armor is reminescent of those of a fish, and it's shifting colours makes the wearers motions look sleek and graceful, seemingly slipping away from any attacks. It sports a dragon motif imbedded on the front, intended to intimidate enemies.

Kaia Stone

A mysterious crystalline stone that comes in four different shades, representing the elements of wood (green), fire (red), earth (yellow), and water (black). The last element should be metal, if there is a fifth shard. The stone bestows supernatural powers upon those that wield it, and it is highly sought out by races unable to use magic (such as humans).

About five decades ago, the Phanarien humans set out to search for the Kaia stone and found it on the island of Langundowi. There they met strange creatures only heard of in stories and fairytales. But their exodus to Langundowi brought the attention of the Scyllians. These adversaries fought a brutal war against the Phanariens and finally drove them off the island.

Recently, Kyra and her companions were entrusted by the Newae to recover the missing pieces of the Kaia stone and reunite them. By doing so, they would bring peace and order to Langundowi, banishing their enemies forever.


This obsidian shortsword is more than it seems at first glance. It can be transformed into two long knives, despite it's heavy, sturdy look. If thrown, these knives always find their way back to the wielder's hand, travelling in unlikely ways through the air. It is rumored that the weight of volcanoes are felt by those who are hit by the blade, as if the very material resonates with their slumbering wrath.

Samania's Robe

Finely woven golden-threads and pure white cloth, this robe was once worn by an outlander prophet gifted in the Sight. When worn, the wearer gains a +3 dodge bonus to Defence and a +5 bonus to Diplomacy checks. Samania's Robe is supernaturally protected from ever getting wet nor does it attract dirt, sweat, foul odors and what not. Even if fully submerged in water or during heavy rain, the robe will remain dry. In addition when wearing the robe, the wearer is protected from cold weather, kept warm and comfortable at any temperature. Furthermore, once per encounter, if she fails a Diplomacy check, she can make another roll immediately and use the the better of the two rolls.

Witchhunter's Orb

The Witchhunter's Orb is a powerful Scyllian artefact.

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