An Oath Against the Shadows campaign is about the part of the world ordinary people never see. A world where perceived reality is not as real as we think, a world of illusion. You walk a fine line between the real world and the supernatural world, never belonging wholly to one side. There are strange supernatural mysteries to uncover, hungry ghosts to fight, and even immortals. But you are also an outsider and outcast, excluded from the world you have sworn to protect. You are a member of the Vamachara, both judge and executioner. You accept where you are and where you are heading, because that is the price you have to pay for knowing the truth.

Creating a Hero

The Basic Concept

Characters should be created with the idea of being brought in as members of the Vamachara, a small and secretive order that train men and women to hunt and watch over supernatural creatures. Keep in mind that characters who hunt monsters are not exactly normal people. Its easier to think in broad, general ideas to describe your character, such as "mystic haunted by his past", "scholar in search for immortality", "outlaw searching for revenge", or "martial artist seeking to protect the weak and helpless from oppression". With this concept in mind, look to the list of heroic paths and choose the one which suits your character.

How You Became Part of Vamachara

Your hero's backstory should answer these questions.

  • How you came into contact with the Vamachara? Did you find them by accident or did they find you?
  • Why are you working with the Vamachara? For money? Out of loyalty? To destroy the nonhuman threat? To expose them?
  • Do you know anyone in particular within the Vamachara? How so? Have you heard of any of the other player characters?
  • Does any of your core beliefs conflict with the Vamachara doctrine? Does your hero agree that all supernatural creatures and nonhumans should be eradicated? For example, as a devout Thalathanist you do not consume intoxicants, but potion brewing requires an alcohol base.


Characters can have personal rivalries, but should have overall similar goals and loyalties to prevent the group from fragmenting. Keep in mind that the campaign's focus will be undertaking 'assignments' to rot out supernatural creatures (such as shapeshifters, ghosts, evil spirits) and dangerous magicians and witches. Characters will be expected to be able to contribute in a fight, but not necessarily holding their own ground. Your hero is free to have other aspirations and goals beyond that of the Vamachara.

Starting Level

Your hero begins at level 3. You have six ability points to allocate between your ability scores. All ability scores start a +0. You cannot begin with more than +5 in any one ability score. Only nonhumans backgrounds can start with more than +5.

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