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Copy the following code into the top of an article:

[[include template:infobox country profile



Infobox Explanation

  • Title: The name of the country.
  • Image: The URL to the image.
  • Image caption: A description of the image, only visible if no image is available.
  • Caption: A short description that appears below the image.
  • Location: Where the country is located.
  • Area: How large the country is and measured in both square miles and square kilometres.
  • Terrain: Short description of the terrain of the country.
  • Climate: General note on the climate of the country.
  • Population: How many people live in the country.
  • Ethnic groups: What different cultures live in the country.
  • Religions: What the people of the region worship: Thalathanism, Nagaism, Veraism, indigenous religions etc.
  • Languages: Languages spoken in the country and a percentage of the number of speakers there are.
  • Type: What kind of government the country has: absolute monarchy, dictatorship, meritocracy, tributary state, chiefdoms, theocracy, principality, puppet state etc.
  • Capital: The capital of the country.
  • Largest city: The largest city in the country.
  • Exports: Major exports in the country: trade goods, exotic animals, hides, iron, tin, copper, gold, fish, spices, silk, livestock, arms and armours, ships etc.
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