Infobox Character




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[[include template:infobox-character



Infobox Explanation

  • Name: Name as in the character's name.
  • Image: The URL to the image.
  • Caption: A description of the image.
  • Player: Who plays said character.
  • Position: Position is a description of what the character does. This includes professions, previous held positions or other important endeavours.
  • Homeland: Character's place of birth.
  • Gender: Male or female.
  • Background: Character's race, called Background in True20 Adventure Roleplaying
  • Role: Character's class(es), called Role(s) in True20 Adventure Roleplaying
  • Age: How old the character is
  • Affiliation: Who the character works with or usually associated with.
  • Quote: Character's favourite quote, saying or proverb.
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