The Illang (plural Illangi), also called "pygmies", are nomadic hunter-gatherers found on Sebuman and Illangka, islands in the Illan Archipelago. The most obvious identifying feature of the Illang is its smaller body. They stand roughly 3-1/2 feet tall (see the rules for Small Heroes in Chapter One of True20 Adventure Roleplaying) and weigh about 60 pounds. An Illang has dark hair and dark eyes, and they do not grow beards. Hair is kept long in one or more topknots. Long clean hair is a sign of good health and viewed as an attractive trait among the Illangi. They favour loose clothing, preferably sleeveless jackets and loose trousers. Most choose to go barefoot.

As a nomadic and fairly reclusive people, it is hard to determine exactly how many of different tribes live in the Sebuman rainforest. They establish small camps or huts made from material found in the forest, covering it with leaves. They hunt with blowpipes and spears, often tipped with deadly poison. When an area is depleted they move to a different part of the forest.

All Illang are born equal, and the Illang people have no elected leaders. They live in familial groups, inside tents made from bamboo and foliage, holding a total of eight to ten families which form a large tribal group. The Illang view themselves as kings of the hunt, and are very territorial.

The Illang practice a form of ancestor worship mixed with animism and shamanism. They believe that their ancestors demand the skulls of their enemies. When hunters form a raiding party, they must first turn to the pawang (shaman) for spiritual guidance. The shaman's role is to determine which day the raid should take place and predict the outcome of raid. With the shaman's blessing, the raiding party goes to war against an enemy tribe. The more skulls they collect, the more prosperous and benign their ancestors will look upon them. Skulls also have a secondary benefit, and are used to determine whether a Illang is worthy enough to choose a partner. Illang women will often not marry an Illang man that hasn't killed at least one enemy hunter and brought back proof.

Their ancestry can be traced to their western neighbours, the Ebon.

Game Information

An Illang possess the same background traits as other humans with the following changes:
—Favoured Feats: Evasion, Hide in Plain Sight

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