Illan Archipelago
Illan Archipelago
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The Illan Archipelago, province of the Kaliyatra empire
Location Suwarnabumi, islands in the Kaliyatra Ocean, east of Panau island
Area 1,737 sq mi (4,500 km2)
Terrain flat and low
Climate tropical; hot, humid, rainy
Population 65,000
Ethnic groups Kedayuh, Ebon, Doyang, Illang, shoal-people
Religions Nagaism, Laiak folk religion
Languages Illanese 30%, Kedayuh 20%, Lunang 15%, Doyang 10%, Ebon 10%, Oroh 10%, other 5%
Type Chiefdoms, protectorate
Capital Sangkal
Largest city Sangkal
Main exports Wine, fruit, snake skins, palm oil, salt

The Illan Archipelago is a collection of islands east of Panau. The Illan Archipelago are part of the Panau islands. The main islands are Awonoh, Illan, and Kambilan. Approximately 65,000 inhabitants live on the islands. The towns of Sangkal and Ulan, both on Awonoh Island, are the most populous centres. The island of Awonoh, Illan, and Kambilan have mostly Doyang and Ebon residents, while Illanka has the largest Illangi population. Kedayuh and the nonhuman shoal-people also inhabit the small archipelago, but are not considered indigenous.


The most populous islands in the archipelago are Boyoh, Illan, Kambilan, and Tenang. Hungry Ghost Island is uninhabited.

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