The harimau (pronounced hah-ri-maw) or tiger-people, are met with a mix of fear, respect, admiration and distrust depending on the context. They are generally seen in favourably light and as a friend rather than foe, who usually comes in troubled times. Becoming a Harimau is passed through inheritance. An elderly harimau must search for a heir to be the next harimau, or the power is lost forever when he or she passes. Only humans can become a harimau.

Harimau tend to be quick-tempered, unpredictable and impulsive. They enjoy a life full of challenges and unexpected events, relying on first-hand experiences and trusting their instincts. They easily become restless when there is nothing to do. Harimau prefer to express themselves with few words. They must generally separate themselves from society due to the nature of their transformation, and many choose remain in the wilderness to continue a solitary existence even afterwards. Despite claiming large domains, which they fiercely defend against other harimau, they generally avoid fighting each other. They scratch on trees to serve as territorial markers. As an old saying of the forest goes "when two tigers fight, one is killed and the other severely hurt." The harimau pray for safety and make offerings to the tiger-god Baghanara.

Like the great cats they resemble, harimau are humanoids covered in tawny brown fur with dark stripes and white stomachs. Most wear their hair long and tied together in a top-knot. They have a slender tail and a thick white ruff of fur around their neck. Small white spots are found on the back of the ear, resembling eyes meant to fool or confuse predators. They rarely trim or crop their hair, as short hair is viewed as a sign of disgrace. Harimau walk on their toes, unlike other humanoids.

Harimau are quite large creatures and stand about 6 to 6-1/2 feet tall and weigh about 250 pounds. They have their own complex tongue, called Mau, but prefer to speak the language most appropriate to the region they inhabit.

Game Information

HARIMAU (1st-level warrior)

Type: 1st Level Humanoid (Harimau)
Size: Medium
Speed: 30 ft.
Abilities: Str +1, Dex +1, Con +1, Int -1, Wis -1, Cha -1
Skills: Bluff 4 (+3), Notice 4 (+3), Stealth 4 (+5)
Feats: Defensive Roll, Fearless, Improved SpeedB, Night VisionB, Shield Training, Weapon Training
Traits: Harimau Background Traits
Combat: Attack +2 (+1 base, +1 Dex), Damage +5 (dao, crit 20/+5) or +4 (claws), Defence Dodge/Parry +4/+4 (+1 base, +1 Dex/+1 Str, +2 shield), Initiative +1
Saving Throws: Toughness +2 (+1 Con, +1 feat), Fortitude +3 (+2 base, +1 Con), Reflex +1 (+0 base, +1 Dex), Will -1 (+0 base, -1 Wis)

The harimau warrior presented here had the following ability scores before racial adjustments: Str +1, Dex +0, Con +1, Int +0, Wis -1, Cha -1.

Harimau Background Traits: Harimau possess the following backgrounds traits.
—Ability Adjustments: +1 Dexterity, -1 Intelligence
—Bonus Feats: Improved Speed, Night Vision
—Favoured Feats: Defensive Roll, Seize Initiative
—Special: Harimau have natural claw attacks that inflict +2 damage plus Strength with a successful unarmed attack.

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