Harash Uprisings

The Harash uprisings were one major and five smaller uprisings by the Harash tribes against the Phanariens, that took place during the Caelirian-Phanarien Conflict. The Order of Balendin, supported by the Imperial Provinces and temple authorities, sought to conquer and convert the Harash. However, the Harash rose against their benefactors on four occasions.

The first uprising occurred when the Balendinian Order lost the Battle of Azadi. It was led by a young Halima, who would later form the Revolutionary Guard of Thano, in northern Beltza. She and her insurgents relied on guerilla raids in the frontier. They made quick raids on farms and villages under the protection of the Phanariens. Since the Order relied heavily on future reinforcements from Hartzale, they were able to weed out the insurgents after a year.

The second uprising, known as "The Great Harash Uprising", was the largest defeat suffered by the Balendinian Order. When the armigers retired for the night, one half of the Revolutionary Guard circled around to climbed the hills, while the other half went straight ahead through the rainforest. The armigers were surrounded. The Order lost nine armigers and over four hundred men. Immediately after, the Harash assaulted Nizarra and almost captured it.

The third uprising was a brief conflict between the Harash and the Balendinian Armigers near Nizarra. The Armigers incorporated the town into the Imperial Province of Thano. Unhappy with this, the Harash protested which led to violence between the people and the Phanarien soldiers stationed there. The uprising was quickly quelled.

The fourth uprising was caused by an unfortunate mudflow in Azadi, threatening to destory the entire Order. The mudflow cut off the only route to the Order's garrison in the north. Desperate and outnumbered, unable to retreat to their compounds, the Phanariens had little choice but to stay put and wait for help. But reinforcements were slow and the longer they stayed, coupled with the destruction wrought by the mudflow, the more aggravated the situation became until the people of Azadi revolted against the Phanariens. Finally, the Phanariens were supplied with more troops and one by one, the Harash clans surrendered and the uprising ended in 727.

The fifth uprising broke out between the Harash and the Phanariens when Taichu sought alliance with the Balendinian Armigers. The uprising started when Harash villagers and towns sought independence from the Balendinian Armigers, but the local rulers did not.

The sixth and last uprising was a two-month war of the Harash against the Phanariens and the Balendinian Armigers. The insurgents were defeated.

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