Harash Religion

The religion of the Harash is largely animistic and shamanistic, believing that spirits inhabit all objects in nature. They rely on female fortunetellers to predict the future and welfare of the tribe, usually by gutting an animal and analyzing its entrails. These wise women wield considerable amount of power and influence within Harash culture.

They also worship gods, but the Harash consider them as great spirits. These great spirits are Bayan, Gan and Shria. They are described below.

Bayan is the provider and god of wild plants and pasture, making sure that the herds are fed properly.

Gan is the god of war, the god of mountains, and the one who taught the Harash the secrets of metal. They also worship the spear as a representation of Gan, and animals were sacrificed to it.

Shria is the goddess of hunting and protector of herds. She is represented by a great gazelle. Shria is also seen as the mother of all Harash. The Harash believe that they were descendants of a gazelle, hence their keen eyes and swift feet. Although this legend is deeply rooted in the Harash psyche, they have no qualms shooting a gazelle when necessary.

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