Green Army
The Green Army
Type Guerilla organization
Founded 4581
Headquarters Ramala's Fortress, Palalangan
Key people Vardaas
Purpose Completion of the Kaia Stone and expulsion of all nonhumans from Palalangan
Affiliations Pahanari Lands
Thalathanist partisans
Human supremacists
Strength 200 elite partisans
1,800 irregular partisans

The Green Army, or Green Scarves, was a Thalathanist group who were part of the Kedayuh and Pahanari resistance movement fought against the occupation of Palalangan by Kaliyatra empire. They were named so by their enemies after the green scarves worn on their arms or head. The Green Army was a pro-Pahanari sectarian resistance movement and the largest partisan group in western occupied Palalangan. They were unfriendly to the Cacalda, and shoal-people in general. Their goal was to establish an independent Thalathanist state on Palalangan.

Before the arrival of the Kaliyatra, the Green Army was hostile to the Pahanari Lands and neutral to the nonhumans (shoal-people and tiyanak).


The Green Army was loosely organized under self-elected leaders and each band is usually attached to a single Pahanari or Achariyan leader. They were largely made up of irregular soldiers, mercenaries, and outlaws. Since they received no pay, they were permitted to take what they could as payment from their enemies or fallen comrades.


The partisans were key in the guerilla warfare and sabotage against the Kaliyatra empire. They cut off supply lines and acquired weapons, food, and shelter among human sympathizers. They also shared intelligence with the Pahanari Revolutionary Guard, who helped coordinate the struggle together with other resistance groups, which led to open rebellion in 4591.

In 4592, the Kedayuh partisans joined forces with Pahanari partisans, warrior-monks from various monasteries, and irregulars who believed Kyra was a holy prophet who would led them to victory against their enemies. During the Battle of Ayahsiras, the partisans were defeated by an alliance of Kaliyatra, shoal-people, and Pharizad's warband who switched side in the heat of the battle.

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