Suwarnabumi is an geographical and geopolitical region consisting of a large group of over 10,000 islands scattered over the Kaliyatra Ocean. Laiak peoples and Hao peoples predominate in this region, consisting of Bakasura, Langa, the Nau Islands, Panau, Shimah, and Vanamala.

The dominant religion is Thalathanism, followed by Nagaism, and Veraism.


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Suwarnabumi is an archipelagic region and it's total areas is 1,087,236 square miles (2,815,928 km2). Roughly 3,000 islands of the region's estimated islands are inhabited. The five main islands include; Bakasura, Langa, Panau, Shimah, and Vanamala; two major archipelagos (Panau and the Nau Islands), and some fifty smaller archipelagos. Some islands are also shared with other nations; Langa is shared with Bakasura, and Panau and the Nau Islands are shared with the Kaliyatra empire.


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The climate of the archipelago is diverse, ranging from desert in the north to glaciers and tundra in the northwest, to humid tropical regions in the south and east that support large rainforests. Overall it is hot, humid, and rainy most of the time.

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