The Ganihasa, also Gani hasa, are a distant branch of the Laiak peoples of Panau. They are related to the Ebon people, and share many social and cultural customs. Most Ganihasa live on the island of Shimah. Ganihasa are renowned head-hunters and are universally feared for their obsession for collecting the heads of enemies. Rumours has it that Ganihasa warriors also consume the flesh of other humans, said to give them supernatural powers and strength in battle. Males have clean-shaven heads and wear extensive body art and scarring. As a rule, the Ganihasa tend to be shorter than other humans.

Young Ganihasa men are taught that one must present a head-hunter trophies to the family of the desired girl, in order to win her hand in marriage. Polygamy is practised, provided the man is capable of paying the bride price for each wife. The bride price among the Ganihasa is paid at the engagement ceremony, which includes a pig and head-hunter trophies. The pig is used as a sacrifice to the spirits and brings fortune to the marriage. The number of skulls allows the groom to demonstrate that he has enough skill to support the bride after the wedding.

Ganihasa are animist but also believe in ancestral spirits and unseen beings living in inanimate objects and the environment.

Game Information

Ganihasa possess the same background traits as other humans with the following changes.
—Favoured Feats: Attack Specialization (kampilan), Hide in Plain Sight

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