Followers of Vishalya

The Followers of Vishalya, also Coils of Vishalya or Cult of the Cobra, is a lay Thalathanist movement that flourishes on the Nau Islands, Langa, and southern Panau. On the island of Kamata, she even has temples of her own. They are an order of wandering nuns (or monks) and healers who venerate Vishalya, the Krait Goddess, as their patron. The Coils run many temporary shelters and camps, where they offer live snakes for rituals, snakeskin, healing, and antitoxin for those harmed or poisoned by snakes of any kind. But the majority of the movement's revenue comes from snake charmers and tamers, who might or might not belong to the cult itself.

The adherents of this faith are commonly known as coils. They consist mostly of women, but men are welcome to join their ranks as well. Before joining the cult of Vishalya, acolytes must give up all their personal possessions and wealth. Unlike most other Thalathanists who cremate the dead, the Coils bury their dead. Since the cult of Vishalya travels a lot, they pray without an image or idol. A simple branch or living snake is worshipped instead as a representation of the Krait Goddess. The followers of Vishalya believe that liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth can be achieved through the compassion and love for the goddess. Being at peace with oneself and others leads to liberation.

Most Coils are experts or gurus—many take levels in martial artist. Their favoured weapon is the kerisblade. Followers wear carmine robes if they are monks or nuns, or simple red sash around the waist. Both men and women wear a sarong. They also wear tin or copper braces shaped like snakes wrapped around the wrists.

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