First Beltzan War

The First Beltzan War (also called the Beltzan Conflict) was a war between Thanolese separatists and its revolutionary allies and the Scyllians. It began around 739 and ended around 740.

The War

At the first battle, the Battle of Janna, happened before the rebellious allies arrived, but Bashir still fought so well that he was made the new khan of the Harash by his people. He followed this up by crossing into the province of Elaia held by Thanolese nationalists and Scyllians. The Thanolese National Army marched on the separatists where they met Bashir and his fighters who defeated them greatly.

When the Battle of Gahra's Stand occurred, the Scyllians and its Thanolese allies had gained the upper hand. Many of the Harash leaders were lost. Bashir was captured but before he was killed, he escaped his captors and made it back to Sakina. The Harash held Sakina for over three years before the Scyllians made their final march. Before Sakina fell, however, the Scyllians allowed the women and children to be released along with Bashir. Bashir left for Mount Atiya where he died and was honoured as a hero.

With the separatist armed forces defeated and scattered, the Scyllians successfully reunited Thano under the reign of the single government.

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