Frequently Asked Questions

What is Suwarnabumi?

Suwarnabumi is an original fantasy setting for True20 Adventure Roleplaying, inspired by the myths and mythology of Asia and the Far East. Ordinary people live alongside spirits, demons, and other supernatural creatures, without even knowing it. Think Angkor Wat, vast monsoon forests and rice paddies, orange-clad monks, Hindu deities mixed with Chinese martial arts and Indonesian ghost stories, and you basically have the world of Suwarnabumi.

What does Suwarnabumi mean?

Suwarnabumi means the "Golden Land" or "Golden Peninsula" in Sanskrit, a vague term used to describe the region of Southeast Asia. References to the word Suwarnabumi appear in various ancient Indian, Arabic, Chinese, and Greek writings.

What is the True20 game system?

True20 is an excellent adventure role-playing game from Green Ronin Publishing. It is based on the d20/OGL system from Wizards of the Coast, but replaces Hit Points with a Damage Save, removed attacks of opportunity, iterative attacks and other cumbersome game rules, greatly simplifying the d20 System and making it much more flexible.

What makes Suwarnabumi different?

Suwarnabumi is a large archipelago similar to Southeast Asia, with a melting pot of vibrant cultures, martial arts, and supernatural powers. Most of Suwarnabumi region is loosely controlled a nonhuman maritime empire known as the Kaliyatra. It essentially holds political and economic power through trade. Local coastal tribes and seafarers are bribed to allow the trade routes to remain open, thus ensuring the Kaliyatra's hold on power and peace in the region.

What is a campaign setting?

A campaign setting is a fictional game world which serves as a setting for a role-playing game or adventure. While True20 Adventure Roleplaying provides the necessary information to run the game, information found on the Suwarnabumi wiki provides the necessary information for a Narrator to run a campaign or adventure.

What do I need to play?

To run or play in Suwarnabumi campaign, you only need either True20 Adventure Roleplaying or the new, updated True20 Adventure Roleplaying, Revised Edition book. Narrators will find the True20 Bestiary supplement a valuable resource for monsters and supporting characters. Players can also invest in the True20 Adept's Handbook, True20 Expert's Handbook, and True20 Warrior's Handbook.

In case you don't yet have the book, you can use the True20 Quick Start Rules before you buy it.

What if I don't want to use True20?

You don't have to! You are free to use whatever game system you like, I just happened to like True20. If you play D&D4E and love that game system, by all means, use that. However, since I use True20 for my own campaigns, those are the only rules I'm going to provide.

What races can players choose from in Suwarnabumi?

Player character races in True20 Adventure Roleplaying are called Backgrounds. Available races include humans, shoal-people, mahomanay, nagari, mawas, harimau, and pishachas. You can read more about backgrounds here.

What classes are available?

Classes in True20 Adventure Roleplaying are called Roles. There are three standard roles, Adept, Expert, and Warrior. In addition, two new roles are also available, the Guru (a more supernatural version of the expert role) and the Martial Artist (an unarmed warrior with a single power). You should ask the Narrator for permission before using these roles. You can read more about roles and heroic paths here.

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