Ethnic groups in Suwarnabumi

There are over 200 ethnic groups in Suwarnabumi. The majority of the people in the archipelago are of Laiak ancestry, and fairly diverse with numerous distinct ethnic groups. The largest of these human groups are the Kedayuh, Langanese, Ebon, Doyang and Ganihasa. These people are indigenous to Suwarnabumi, commonly known as the Laiak. The Laiak form the majority, with 62% of the human population in Suwarnabumi. The Harathi people make up 20%, the Hao people 10% and other human groups form 8%.

Indigenous ethnic groups

The Chinoi are small-bodied humans from the Illan Archipelago, descended from the Laiak people.

The Doyang are one of the oldest ethnic groups in Panau.

The Ebon are the inhabitants of the lowlands of central Panau numbering around half a million people. Ebon are also found in western Illan Archipelago and the Nau Islands.

Most Ganihasa come from the island of Shimah.

Kedayuh are the largest ethnic group in Suwarnabumi. They helped defend the Kaliyatra against Phuong and Langanese pirates.

The Langanese are of Laiak ancestry.

The majority of Oroh are located in the Illan Archipelago.

Shoalmen are a seafaring people native to the Nau Islands.

Tribal groups

There are more than 100 highland, lowland and coastal tribal groups in Suwarnabumi.

Non-indigenous ethnic groups

Like the Pahanari, the Achariyan came to Suwarnabumi on Thalathanist merchant fleets. Most are descendants of slave-soldiers who served their masters.

People of Kaliyatran descent form a minority in the Suwarnabumi population. The Kaliyatran originated from south Padmattiya. Most Kaliyatrans are Nagaist.

Most of the Pahanari living in Suwarnabumi are descendants of Thalathanist traders who came to the archipelagos during the Pahahnari conquests.

The Sang, approximately 5% of the population, are one of the largest minorities in Suwarnabumi with an estimated population of one million people. The majority making a living in Langa and Taksaka.

Other groups
Other ethnic groups include Boro, Chim, Dalakan, Harash, Kalachan, Karwaris, Khuyen, Ninangkoru, Samar, Shimahnese, Phuong and Talogo.

Non-human groups

The Bunian are predominate in northern Panau and Sangha.

The nomadic Lulong are one of the most widespread groups of nonhumans in Suwarnabumi.

Large tree-dwelling humanoids covered in thick fur, who appear much likes monkeys. The Mawas live almost exclusively in Vanamala.

List of ethnic groups by language families

  1. Panau-Laiak
  2. Harathi - Kaliyatran, Karwaris, Samar, Shimahnese
  3. Boro-Talogo - Boro, Talogo
  4. Hao - Chim, Dalakan, Kalachan, Khuyen, Ninangkoru, Phuong, Sang
  5. Pahanari - Achariyan, Harash, Pahanari

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