Ethnic groups in Kaliyatra

There are over 100 ethnic groups in Suwarnabumi. The majority of the people in Suwarnabumi are of Laiak descent. The largest of these groups are the Kedayuh, Langanese, Ebon, Doyang, Illang, and the Oroh. These people are the indigenous people of Suwarnabumi, commonly known as the Laiaks. Kedayuh and other indigenous groups, including both humans and nonhumans groups, make up an overwhelming 82% of the population, Hao peoples 9%, Sundamanese peoples 8% and other groups 1%.


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Kedayuh is the largest ethnic group on the Nau Islands, and also in Suwarnabumi.

Non-Laiak groups

Sundamanese made up of largely Kaliyatrans, make up the third largest ethnic group and the largest non-Laiak group in the archipelago. Other non-Laiak groups include the Hao, Phuong, Chim, Pahanari, Dalakans, Harastras, and Achariyans.

Nonhuman groups

Nonhumans in Suwarnabumi represent approximately 40% of the total population. The second largest ethnic group and the largest nonhuman group is the shoal-people. They make up about 15% of the total Suwarnabumi. The shoal-people are concentrated on the island of Palalangan but millions have migrated to other islands throughout the archipelago. The next largest nonhuman groups are the nagari, followed by the mahomanay, mawas, and aghoy.

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