Empress Anarikha

Empress Anarikha (4667 - 4689) was an empress of the Kaliyatra empire. Her husband was Emperor Bhimaksa and she was his second wife and first empress. She was created empress in 4685.

Since her family was very poor, she was forced into prostitution. At the age of 15, she became a concubine of Bhimaksa.

Anarikha gave birth to one daughter and two sons:

  1. Prince Canuratta (4687 - 4694)
  2. Princess Narimashini (4690 - present)
  3. Crown Prince Balakha (4692 - present)

Empress Anarikha was described as an arrogant, vain, and scheming woman with a reputation for promiscuity. She conspired against her husband to make her brother Prince Garandhubi emperor. According to Balavala, Anarikha tried to poison the emperor during a banquet. However, concubine Consort Kalindi revealed the plot to Bhimaksa beforehand. Furiously, he sent messengers to force her to commit suicide. In 4695, he made Lady Kalindi empress.

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