The Ebon is one of the ethnic groups based in the Illan Archipelago and northern Panau. Once regarded as the fiercest head-hunters of Panau, the Ebon are now nomadic hunter-gatherers, showing a great reverence for nature and its spirits. They are taught from birth how to survive in the rainforest, always on the move, and never taking more than necessary. The Ebon have learnt how to forge metal weapons, preferring light-weight knives or curved short swords. However, the Ebon have not given up their traditional blowguns tipped with the venom of the tree frogs. Poison darts are mostly used in hunting, particularly to catch birds, deer and other small mammals.

The Ebon are one of few people that wear tattoos as a status symbol. Warriors are bestowed special tattoos, called yantra. Such tattoos grant supernatural powers and protection to those how act with honour and strive for glory in battle.

As part of their animist beliefs, Ebon never hunt tigers, hornbills, or monkeys, as these animals represent sacred spirits of the forest. Monkeys are viewed as a blessing and portent of birth, while tigers foretell of death and war, and hornbills are messengers of the gods.

Their language, in the Laiak language family, is also called Ebon.

Game Information

Ebon possess the same background traits as other humans with the following changes:
—Favoured Feats: Attack Specialization (thrown weapon or blowgun), Tough

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