The Doyang people are an ethnic group, forming one of the many nationalities of the Kaliyatra empire. They are mostly renowned for the use of small rafts to move through the interlinking lakes and rivers. The Doyang construct "floating" villages on the lakes to protect themselves from predators living in the jungles. These vast rafts can house entire clans ranging from twenty to fifty people. Each raft has about ten huts, some used for sleeping, storage for food or weapons. The Doyang do not fish from the rafts, because it scares the fish. Instead, they have developed a unique method: they place long poles shaped like a 'T' into the river ground. The fishers then sit on top these poles, striking spears into the water to catch fish. Foreigners find this technique cumbersome and overly complicated.

There are 6,000 Doyangs living in the Illan Archipelago. However, the vast majority of the Doyang are found in south-western Panau, near the Black River. The Doyang are descended from the Ebon people, but split off and moved westward to settle in the area around the Black River.

The Doyang are animists, with elements of Veraism. The Doyang practise traditional Laiak religion based on the worship of the jiwa (literally: 'gathering of the spirits'). No Doyang worships one particular divinity, but all of them as needed. They mostly commonly worship gods and goddesses of fortune, protection, and water. Generally, they worship their gods on specific days (not everyday) and high festivals in honour of the jiwas are quite common. They are very fond of playing wind instruments, particularly a the bamboo flute called guan. The Doyang annually celebrate a Fire Dancing festival after the monsoon season.

Other practices include the using the poison administrated from land snakes (since sea snake poison is more potent and lethal to humans) to enter into a higher state of consciousness. Doyang pawangs use these techniques to commune with their gods. Doyang witchdoctors usually live on firm ground because they need fresh supplies of herbs, leaves, and other ingredients more readily to produce medicine. Using candles are considered taboo, because it's associated with the use of black magic.

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