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"My people have already paid for my inactions once. I will not let that happen again."
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Date of birth Unknown
Date of death 4581
Occupation Cacalda fighter; (formerly) Murdak and member of the Palalangan Royal Guard
Known relatives Unknown
Significant other Unknown
Current location Palalangan
Affiliation Cacalda
Palalangan Defence Force
Kaliyatra empire
Sirena and siyokoy
Shoal-people resistance movement
Background Shoal-people
Role Warrior / Adept
Character level 12
Portrayed by Xior

Daughter of the shoal-people queen Kelanina, Dhalrane was born into the warrior caste. She was part of the royal guard protecting the queen, but joined Cacalda after Kelanina's death and was shortly thereafter sent out to the war front in the Palalangan Wars. After years of fighting the Pahanari invaders, she was badly injured, and was forced into hibernation.

Having initially lost her memory during the hibernation, it returned as she tasted laminaria. However, she has chosen to keep her new name, not wanting to be associated with some of the things she did in her past.

Dhalrane opposes Kyra's intentions to unite the Kaia Stone, and has therefore left her former companions to arouse the Cacalda to her cause. She has managed a truce and alliance between the shoal-people resistance movement and the Kaliyatra, uniting against Kyra's Green Army and their allies.

Game Information


Type: 12th Level Humanoid (Shoal-people Warrior 10/Adept 2)
Size: Medium
Speed: 30 ft. (6 squares) (equipped with Mirne)
Abilities: Str +2, Dex +3, Con +2, Int +0, Wis +1, Cha +0
Skills: Acrobatics 4 (+7), Knowledge(Supernatural) 1 (+1), Knowledge(Tactics) 4 (+4), Language 2, Notice 13 (+14), Perform (dance) 2 (+2), Sense Motive 12 (+13), Stealth 11 (+14), Survival 11 (+12)
Feats: Ambidexterity, Armour Training, Attack Focus (knives), Attack Specialization (knives), Cloak Dance, Dark Vision*, Far ShotB, Greater Attack Specialization (knives), Improved Critical (knives), Improved Critical (Swords), Light Sleeper, Power (2), TracklessB, TrailblazerB, Two-Weapon Defence, Two-Weapon Fighting, Uncanny Dodge, Weapon Training
Traits: Power Thief, Powers (rank 5, Wis, save Difficulty 12, Combat Sense +6, Truth-Reading +6), Shoal-people Background Traits
Combat: Attack +14/+14 (+11 base, +3 Dex) (+16/+16 With Mirne as knives), Damage +6 +2 earth (Mirne, crit 17-20/+3 +3 earth), Defence Dodge/Parry +19/+13(15) (+11 base, +3 Dex/+2 Str (+5/+2 Equipment), Initiative +3
Saving Throws: Toughness +7 (+2 Con, +5 Dragon Spirit), Fortitude +9 (+7 base, +2 Con), Reflex +6 (+3 base, +3 Dex), Will +5 (+4 base, +1 Wis)
Conviction: 8, Virtue: Determined, Vice: Cynic
Languages: Lunang, Pahanari, Kedayuh
Age: Unknown

Weapons: Mirne (Short sword or Dual knives) (+3 or +2/+2 attack bonus, grants +2 to parry, Greater Attack Focus and Improved speed when wielded, acts as Ghost Touch weapon against incorporeal targets. Mirne is made of above-average quality obsidian, dealing +2 earth damage and does an extra +3 earth damage on a successful critical hit.
Armour: Dragon Spirit (Medium Armour) (+5 toughness, +6 on all saving throws against electricity, only non-lethal damage from electricity). In addition, Dragon Spirit continually increases the wearer's dodge bonus by +5. This bonus is lost in the same way as your regular dodge bonus and when you are flat-footed.
Equipment: Mosquito net, Hammock, Waterskin, Stain-Covered Cloth (symbol of Nagaism), Palonera Neledhone (journal), Parchment (from Scyllian quarters), Hunter's Kit, White Jade Amulet, Demon Tooth, Jungle Pace Slippers (grants Trackless and Trailblazer as bonus feats), Witchhunter's Orb, Spectral Torc (As a standard action, this enhancer grants the user the Phase power at will for up to 5 rounds), Demon Horn Bracelet (This enhancer grants the user Far Shot as a bonus feat), Tattoos of Enhance Ability (Strength) (2), Healing Salve, Whetstone (move action: +1 atk 5 rounds), Manticore Poison (3 doses, initial and secondary 3 Con damage, Fort 18 negates)

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