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Land of the Gods
Location Suwarnabumi, Between Nanda and Haolang
Area 319 sq mi (825 km2)
Terrain mostly rugged and mountainous, volcanic regions
Climate temperate in south; severe winters and cool summers in Channaryagalas
Population 400,000
Ethnic groups Dalakan, Hao, mawas
Religions Veraism
Languages Dalakanese 80%, Haolang 10%, other 10%
Type Tributary state, absolute monarchy
Capital Vasava
Largest city Anupama
Main exports Water, copper, iron ore, lumber, precious stones

The Kingdom of Dalaka is a landlocked nation in mainland Suwarnabumi, bordering Nanda in the east, north and south and Haolang to the west. The state religion is Veraism, and most of the people in Dalaka are Veraist, with Nagaism being the second-largest religion.

Dalaka is a country nestled in the vast Channaryagala; mountainous regions that stretch across the island's centre. It contains eight of the highest mountains, including Mount Amara. The southern regions are somewhat more humid and fertile, which has given rise to large, urbanized areas. The country has a population of 400,000, most of whom are Dalakans and Hao. A few indigenous mawas tribes also live in the country. The capital and largest city is Vasava.

Dalaka is an absolute monarchy. Tanutama, a Dalakan woman, who is the current Ruler of the Channaryagala Kingdom. She has ruled the country for nine years.

The official language of the kingdom is Dalakanese, a Langanese dialect, but because a small portion of the inhabitants are mawas, most also speak mawas too.

Dalaka has never been colonized, but is treated as a tributary state to the Nandanese king.

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