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True20 Bestiary Creatures

Many monsters found in the True20 Bestiary can be adapted to fit into a Suwarnabumi campaign. The following creatures are appropriate for the setting, with the listed changes.

Celestial, Guardian Angel (Devata)
These youthful supernatural beings serve as guardian spirits, sometimes worshipped as village gods or protectors of rivers, forest, mountains, caves, and so forth. Devatas are often depicted outside Nagaist temples as guardians of a sort.

Celestial, Lantern Archon (Bhuta)
Bhutas (pronounced bhoot) are flesh-eating spirits formed from creatures who died violently, often warriors. They appear as flickering lights that cast no shadows and hovers above the ground. Bhutas usually haunt forests and abandoned houses by day and night. The Vice subtype replaces the Virtue subtype. They cannot use the following powers: Fire Shaping, Heart Reading and Teleport. In addition, they get Corrupting Shadow, Imbue Unlife, and Shadow Walk supernatural powers.

Dire Lion, Celestial (Foo Dog)
Foo dogs, also called guardian lions are creatures with protective powers that stood in front of sacred buildings. Foo dogs are common in Haolang, but some have found its way to Suwarnabumi through Hao traders, especially outside Veraist temples, trading houses, and other Hao establishment. These lions are often placed at temple gates, sometimes guarding tombs and official buildings to ward off evil spirits. Foo dogs are always in pairs; one with its mouth open to suck the spirits in, while the other has its mouth closed to trap them.

Dire tiger (White Tiger)
The white tiger, also known as the King of the Forest, is about 9 feet long and weighs approximately 600 pounds. A white tiger has blue eyes, pink nose, and creamy white fur with dark-coloured stripes. Most have been sighted on the Suwarnabumi mainland, particularly southern Padmattiya. White tigers feel at home in grassy or marshy regions and forests, where they can easily remain hidden. White tigers are solitary animals, hunting when its dark. They have really big territories, usually ranging from about 20 to 30 square miles. Although white tigers usually live alone, white tiger territories can overlap. A widely-held belief among the people of Suwarnabumi is that seeing a white tiger is an auspicious sign, brining both favour and good fortune the following year. Killing a white tiger is considered taboo. They are never hunted down for any reason, not even those that prey on humans is left alone. White tigers possess the same traits as the dire tiger described in True20 Bestiary.

Doppelganger, Fiendish (Ghoul)
Ghouls are not undead creatures, but a race of shapeshifting half-man, half-hyenas. They roam the desert regions of Achariya and the Pahanari Lands, occasionally making their presence known though loud noises and growls. They hunt in packs and feed on corpses. All creatures that hear a ghoul howl or groan within 300 feet must succeed on a Difficulty 13 Will save or become panicked for 5 rounds. In addition, they have the Light Blindness and Scent traits.

Dryad (Venom Vine Lady)
The venom vine lady has thorns covering her body, and two vine-like appendages that extends from her back. A venom vine lady's counts as a Medium held object for sundering attempts. Her tentacles deal +2 damage plus poison. A venom vine lady's poison attacks deals initial damage 1 Dex, secondary 2 Dex. In addition, the venom vine lady has barbed defence special ability, dealing +8 piercing and slashing damage against any creature striking her with a hand-held weapon or unarmed attacks.

Fiend, Succubus/Incubus (Fox demon)
The fox demon is a malevolent vixen creature that can take the form a young beautiful female. She resembles a short, elegant humanoid, except for her pale white skin and flowing crimson hair. Fox demons can live for thousands of years and never forget at face. Men are afraid of mentioned her name because they might be seduced by her charms and having their hearts consumed. Women are afraid of speaking her name because she can rob them of their loved ones. Fox demons are insatiably capricious, cunning, and mischievous, but saves her true malice for those that really deserve it. A fox demon does not have the summon fiend ability, but are otherwise identical to the succubus/incubus described in True20 Bestiary.

Force of Nature (Nature Spirit)
Nature Spirits are made up from the five elements, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. In addition, they have Metal Shaping as a bonus power.

Nymph (Bidadari)
Bidadari are celestial nymphs almost indistinguishable from humans. They appear as young and wanton girls endowed great beauty and elegance. Especially skilled in the arts of dancing, music, and seduction. Their society is loosely based how well they dance and sing. Masterful dancers enjoy lives of luxury in the heavenly courts, entertaining Gods and fallen heroes. Bidadari are often sent to the mortal realm to test heroes and sages against temptation. A bidadari has the shapechanger subtype and can assume the form of any Small or Medium humanoid at will as a standard action. They lose Beast Link but gain Fertility. They gain Knowledge (art) and Perform (dance), but loses Handle Animal and Ride. In addition, she gains a fly speed of 30 feet with good manuverablity.

Roc (Garuda)
The garudas are enormous birds so large that they can block out the sun. The garudas are enemies of snakes and dragons, especially the nagas, whom they feed on.

Triton (Kataw)
These marine creatures have power over the element of water, and are sometimes mistaken for ordinary fishermen. Unlike the sirena and siyokoy, they have webbed feet instead of tails and fins in their arms. A kataw gains Cold Shaping, Elemental Aura, Summon Elemental, and Water Shaping as a bonus power.

The following True20 Bestiary creatures can be used without any changes.

Assassin Vine
Dragon Turtle
Gideon Fungi
Golem, Stone
Lycanthrope (wererat)
Lycanthrope (weretiger)
Night Hag
Pit Plant
Celestial Creature
Combat Unit
Fiendish Creature


Ape, bear (black), bison, boar, dire animals (ape, bear, boar, monitor lizard, rat, tiger), cheetah, donkey, eagle, elephant, fox, hawk, leopard, lizard (monitor lizard), octopus (giant octopus), porpoise, rat, snake (giant constrictor, viper), squid (giant squid), swarm (bats, centipede, locust, maggots, rats, spiders), tiger, toad


Carpenter caterpillar, centipede, giant dragonfly, giant praying mantis, scorpion, spider

Creatures from True20 Freeport Companion

The following True20 Freeport Companion creatures are can be adapted to fit into a Suwarnabumi campaign.

Corpse Flower
Ghost Eater
Ravenous Zombie
Reef eel
Sea hawk
Shadow snake
Swam, ant
Swarm, crab
Swarm, jellyfish
Vermin, monstrous jellyfish
Vermin, monstrous leech

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