Climate and Weather

Suwarnabumi is an earth-like setting with a climate similar to that of the Asia-Pacific region.


The climate of the archipelago is diverse, ranging from desert in the north to glaciers and tundra in the north-west, to humid tropical regions in the south and east that support large rainforests. Overall it is hot, humid, and rainy most of the time. At higher altitudes the air is thinner and the temperate is colder. Snowy regions are found on islands with mountains and volcanoes like Dalaka and northern Panau. Instead of four seasons, the archipelago basically has two main seasons, the wet and dry.


Average temperature is between 72 and 90 °F (22 and 30 °C) and typically receives about 95 inches (3.705 millimetre) of rain annually.


Flooding is a frequent occurrence in the archipelago, especially in the downstream and urban areas. During the long monsoon period, thunderstorms dominate Suwarnabumi's weather. Strong winds, cyclones, droughts, and landslides are the greatest natural threats. In arid regions, dust storms are also frequent. Droughts, especially during the annual dry season, is particularly devastating to the Suwarnabumi agriculture.

Heat Exposure

Game Information

Due to the very hot conditions in Suwarnabumi, heroes wearing heavy clothing or armour take nonlethal damage from heat exposure. A hero in such conditions (above 90 °F) must make a Toughness save (Difficulty 15, +1 for each previous check) or take nonlethal damage. Heroes wearing heavy clothing or armour of any sort take a -4 penalty on their saves. A hero who takes any nonlethal damage from heat exposure is considered fatigued.

Nonlethal damage from heat exposure (including the fatigue condition) cannot be recovered until a hero gets cooled off—whether by finding shelter in the shade, taking a dip in a river, waiting until nightfall or the equivalent.

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