The Chim people are an ethnic group in southern Haolang. They are semi-nomadic agriculturalists that practice slash and burn farming. This style of cultivation tends to wear out the soil, forcing them to another to another settlement between three to ten years. Approximately 2 million Chim live in southern Haolang, and small Chim communities can be found in Taksaka, mostly among Sang labourers.

The people are characterised by their deep beliefs in animism and practice ancesstor worship. A common belief among the Chim is that they are in fact hurting the earth with their farming style and that it angers the spirits. These vengeful spirits punish them by starving them. Chim spirit-talkers commune with their ancestors, making sure that good ancestors follow with them, while bad ancestors stay behind. Animal sacrifices are believed to give back what they take from the soil.

Chim people speak their own language, but most also speak other Hao languages. Like other people from that region, most people say their family name first, then their personal name. There is usually little variety among surnames, and many Chim tend to use the same names.

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