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Akhanda (pronounced ah-kahn-dah) is the senior abbot of the Nāshri Mountain Monastery, and was the son of a great Arshanian military strategist, but walked away from that path to pursue physical purity. He has lost much of his physical prowess and has long since given up the sword. Although he is slow to anger, the wrath of Akhanda is terrible. Now 114 years old, Akhanda represents the rewards of a life spent pursuing greater spirituality. It is believed that he can not die; he has been reborn thrice according to the monks. Akhanda has a great store of esoteric knowledge coupled with a deep understanding of Arshanian culture, and he is happy to speak at length on both subjects.


Akilah (pronounced ah-kee-lah), is of Thanolese origin with hazel-coloured eyes and thick locks of dark brown hair. She's about the same age as Sarachai and they met each other often in secret. They developed a close bond during the hard training they had to go through. Though not in love, she is the closest thing he has to a sibling. Akilah is more contemplative and cautious, excelling at theoretical subjects, religion and philosophy.


Bahati is the wife of Pharizad. She followed him into the mountains.


Bisma is an aged, pale-haired man that asked Sarachai to take him to the village of Maress in the west, about two and a half-days walk from the Ramala's Fortress. It turns out that he is actually a master tattoo artist and a warrior in his own right. After fending off bandits and defeating a demon in disguise, Sarachai was rewarded with two supernatural tattoos as gratitude for escorting Bisma and saving his life from the demon.


Caralyna is one of the leaders of the Fiadhaiche, a Caelirian resistance movement that wants to reestablish Tyrcailorin, "Land of the Caelirians". She is old by the Caelirian standards but fight with the same spirit and swiftness as she did when she was young. Caralyna met Dhalrane and Izattva in southern Langundowi. Dhalrane promised to help Caralyna create better cooperation with the human resistance group called the Green Army in Markatza. Caralyna is positive to Dhalrane's suggestion to make a treaty with the Scyllians. She also believes Dhalrane when she told her that the Kaia Stone might destroy their lost homeland.

Dark Messiah

The Dark Messiah is an enigmatic woman about the size of a Tiyanak. She is dressed in a simple black robe and her body reeks of death and decay. Her facial features are covered by her hood. She appears to have very pale skin. She is reputed to be a dark magician, possessing powers such as teleporation and mind-influencing supernatural powers. The Dark Messiah encountered Kyra twice, in the jungle not far from Ayak Idaios and later inside the complex when Kyra attempted to steal another piece of the Kaia Stone. Recently, the Dark Messiah approached Dhalrane when she learnt of her attempt of Kyra's life. She gave her the Witchhunter's Orb and assured Dhalrane that the Scyllians would respect Caelirian territorial land.


Gunawan (pronounced goo-nah-van) was the mercenary leader for a small band of Arshanian and Harash humans. The man was huge, with long black hair and beard. He fought with a two-handed sword. He told Pharizad about the Order of the Blade, warrior-monks that fought on the Phanarien side.


Formerly Harash leader of the Revolutionary Guard of Thano, Halima is now the strategic advisor to Kyra's reformed Green Army. She participates in the planning of raids and attacks against the Scyllians.


Haludara is a Caelirian diplomat that accompanied Dhalrane and Izattva to Legaia to talk to the Green Army and Vardaas.


A skilled warrior-monk and master tactician, Hamadi (pronounced hah-mah-dee) is the spiritual leader of the Order of the Blades. He, as many other arshanians, believe that Sarachai is a sign from their god Lord Tahamatan. Some young arshanian warrior-monks and nuns believe that it is time to take the fight to their enemies. Hamadi, however, is not so sure and has managed to keep the senior warrior-monks from giving the call. When fighting, Hamadi prefers to wield two swords.

Iron-Faced Prince (deceased)

The Iron-Faced Prince was said to be an immortal warrior that ruled over the Markatza province. He resided in the fortress of Ayak Talnaka. He was defeated by Dhalrane, Gwaru and Sarachai.


Izattva is a lazurian, a strange serpentine aquatic creature that takes hosts. Shortly after the Companions stumbled upon Timira Tarang, the water demon revealed himself and told Dhalrane that she was his master. Since that day, Izattva has stood by Dhalrane's side. During a raid against Ayak Balna, Izattva's host, a Siyokoy died. He then took a Caelirian as host. Due to Kyra's actions in Ayak Talnaka, Izattva intends to convince the Lazurians to fight against her and those who serve her.


Kadmus is the son and heir-apparent of the exarchate of Markatza. Dhalrane ordered her Fiadhaiche healers to cure the young man from his injuries so they could leave as soon as possible.


Kasiya is the High Preacher of the Light of Kyra, a blind Arshanian that is always escorted by two burly men. Kasiya acts as a councillor to Kyra and is responsible for the religion surrounding her person. He is a firm believer that Kyra is the reincarnation of Ramala. An insult against Kyra is an insult against her believers.


Kurah is a Thanolese officer that served the Scyllians in Legaia. When Pharizad made a deal with the Scyllians, he was supposed to get an approved paper that would let him and five others off the island. Kurhah thanked for his services but denied his request. Enraged the Arshanian threatened the man, but was subdued by Scyllian enforcers.

Kazedma (deceased)

Kazedma was an Arshanian slave-soldier who served the Phanariens. He later deflected and fled together with a small company of like-minded men and women into the mountains. In 711, he forged the sword Clanbringer from the fires of the volcano Hakoniteh. It was believed that Kazedma became warchief of the free Arshanians on Langundowi. He united the Arshanian houses with the tribe people and brought war to the Scyllians in the Thanolese War. Unable to defeat them, Kazedma's fighters returned to the mountains but continues to harass the Scyllian armed forces to this day. Kazedma was beheaded in 746 by the Scyllians.


Lughan (pronounced loo-awn) is a merrow, a Caelirian that chose to live on land. She is also the local smith in Legaia, specializing in bronze items. She secretly helps the Green Army, providing them with weapons and armour. Lughan forged Kyra's canesword.


Like Caralyna, Mallera is a leader of the Fiadhaiche, controlling the largest portion of their fighters. Haludara, a Caelirian diplomat tried to convince Mallera of the wisdom of a pact with the Scyllians. However, Mallera was mostly negative to the possibility of peace between their warring peoples, but she agreed to met the Scyllians in Legaia.

Maskada (deceased)

Maskada was an aged and lonely Harimau that spent his last remaining days in the jungles of the Hartzale province. When he was defeated by a younger and more powerful Harimau, Maskada roved the wilderness, scavenging for scraps and what little else he could come over. He stumbled upon a ruined village and the only survivor of its destruction, a feisty Thanolese boy. He raised the boy and taught him everything he knew about the rainforest. Before he died and turned over his legacy to the boy, who took the name Sarachai, Maskada made sure his son had everything he would need when he was gone.


Panma was a partisan leader of a band of Green Army fighters and Vardaas's second-in-command. She and her band participated in the attack on Ayak Balna. When Dhalrane and Gwaru escaped the fortress, Panma led them back to Legaia to speak with Vardaas. After Vardaas assassination and Kyra's takeover of the Green Army, Panma defected to the Scyllian Army.


An Amarati officer that lead Kadmus through the province of Markatza. Panos and his company were saved by Dhalrane and the Fiadhaiche when partisans fell upon his camp. The man expressed his hatred for the Green Army and promised to respect Caelirian territorial boundaries.


Further information: Pharizad

Pharizad is an Arshanian warrior , one of the initial four that lost their memories. He left the Companions to learn more about Clanbringer.


A talking bird that claims he serves the celestial powers. He has followed the group since they got a hold of the first crystal shard.


A boy that looks no older than six but wise beyond his years. Rohmat performs a ritual and consecrates Kyra as a prophet. He tells her that among the Newae, she will be known as "Samania" and among the humankind, she will be called "Ramala". Rohmat tells her that she cannot return to the Hidden World until she has completed her task: reuniting the Kaia Stone.

Sahadur (deceased)

Sahadur was an Arshanian khan who became a soldier-slave in service of the Phanariens. He later became the leader of an unsuccessful uprising against the Empire of Phanar, known as the Green Scarves Rebellion. With his three brothers, the Arshanians massacred two Phanarien legions, showing his people that the so-called "Immortal Legions" could be defeated. Sahadur fought in a total of nine battles against the Phanariens. A decade after Sahadur's death, the Arshanians gained their freedom and established Arshanam on an island northwest of Thalagarno. Sahadur is also the name of a port city in eastern Arshanam.


A female Tiyanak that Kyra freed from a pit outside a small Thanolese village. Once released, Tola tells Kyra that all Tiyanaks across Langundowi will hear what she has done for her.

Tilaku (deceased)

Tilaku was a brave Newae that Kyra met in the Cave of the Spirits. She used to Dawnbow against the Scyllians, who had found their village despite it being protected by powerful supernatural wards. Tilaku later helped Kyra to secure the third shard of the Kaia Stone before she was killed.

Vardaas (deceased)

Vardaas was the highest ranking officer of the Green Army within the Markatza province. Vardaas served in the Phanarien Army as an auxiliary soldier who deserted, then was caught and sent to work in the mines of Markatza. He bore the brand of a slave visible on his right cheek. He used maile armour and fought with an enchanted swordstaff. When explained the importance of recovering four crystal pieces held by the Scyllian forces in the Ayak towers, Vardaas offered to distract the army stationed within the fortress stronghold. An assassination attempt was made against Vardaas while he was asleep and Kyra managed to pull him out. However, he died from his injuries.

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