This is a list of characters in the An Oath Against the Shadows campaign.

Bhim is a young Langanese man acting as a herb gatherer and ingredient specialist for the Vamachara. Bhim is not actually part of Vamachara, but occasionally sells rare herbs and ingredients to the organization. He has done commissions for Ismaya in the past. His shop is located in Molangor.

Graha tried to join the Datuk's local guard in Molangor, but he was rejected. Nobody knows why, and Graha is certainly not talking about it. He's a heavy drinker, particularly fond of snake wine.

Gravedigger Hala
He's responsible for giving proper burials for the dead within the Jarang Cemetery. Hala also works for the Vamachara and helps them "quiet" the dead.

As a former head-hunter, Katuuk is a skilled warrior and tracker. Armed with mysterious tattoos that give him supernatural powers. He does freelance work for the Vamachara, but works as a bouncer on his spare time. Katuuk is a good friend of Atreya, usually tossing her out when she gets a little too drunk.

A ghost sighted in the Doyang Swamp. She supposedly cursed the swamp and its inhabitants when her beloved was killed passing through the marshlands. Kirani was the daughter of a mahomanay clanleader. She fell for an Ebon man called Vakrama.

Korah doesn't remember much of her childhood. Her first real memory was being stuffed into a room with a dozen other girls. When Korah was in her teens, she was sold to a brothel. She managed to convince one of her clients, General Akai, to help her escape. Akai adopted the girl and trained her in the way of the sword. Years later, when Korah felt she was ready, she killed the man responsible for her time captivity. Ever since that fateful day, she has been on the run. Korah now serves the Vamachara as a hunter.

Son of the legendary swordmaster Akai, Lonan is a humble Ebon man that turned away from the his predestined path to forge his own way in life. He decided to study tattooing under the tutelage of Sangari, and Lonan has been his apprentice ever since. Despite his young age, Lonan is a skilled tattoo artist but has only recently begun enhancing Vamachara hunters in the field. He's not part of the Vamachara, but often lends his services to them.

Melati is a sorcerer from the island nation of Niah. She specializes in the earth magic. Melati shows strong leadership skills , and she tends to be quite adventurous, sometimes even restless. Melati has a snake familiar called Paradise. She was killed in the Doyang Swamp by The Skullstalker Man.

Nishtha is a short, wiry woman with a horrific scar across her face and several tattoos covering her body. But don't let her stature fool you: she is a formidable swordsmaster and head-hunter. Nishtha was a prominent Vamachara hunter that specialized in hunting supernatural creatures, but left the society shortly after losing her right arm. Ismaya was her last student. She was last seen leaving Panau for the Hungry Ghost Island … to die as tradition demands for warriors crippled in battle.

Paila is a gifted sorcerer, capable of manipulating the vital life-sustaining force of all living beings. Like many sorcerers, Paila suffers magic withdrawal if she does not indulge her hunger for supernatural insight and power. She has served the Vamachara for most of her life but is considered unpredictable and dangerous for her lack of control over her powers. Palia was trained by Arugan and is a full member of the Vamachara. She has an obsessive fascination for Arugan, not wanting to stray too far from him. She is deeply hydrophobic.

Like many of her kin, Rachany was born on Panau. She is fairly short for a mahomanay, standing barely four feet and six inches tall, but tends to stand out in a crowd due to her dark blue eyes and fair skin. Rachany is fluent in a vast number of languages, and her people skills have made her a valuable asset in the recruitment of potential Vamachara members. Rachany was trained by Ismaya. As his apprentice, Rachany has shown the necessary skills for becoming a promising hunter of supernatural humans.

Sahan is the village chieftain of Gulang. In the days when his people practised head-hunting, he was an accomplished warrior. Sahan carries the scars and previous injuries on his small, wiry frame. Wherever he goes, he is not far away from his trusted kampilan (head-hunter sword). He is married and has two children.

The mysterious ringleader that is in-charge of Vamachara cell in the Jarang Cemetery.

Born to a wealthy Kompang merchant of the Pramanas family, Satria grew up in a life of luxury. Young Satria had everything a person could possible want in life: fine food, fine clothing, and fine women. Rumours say that Satria spent most of his days wasting away the family's fortune on gambling, drinking, and whoring. The circumstances that led to his departure are unknown.

Satria appears as exotic, romantic, and charming to his companions. In reality, he's lying, manipulative, and unfaithful. Satria is a notorious ladies man, obsessed with women dressed in tight-fitting cheongsam … or nothing at all.

Skullstalker Man
The Skullstalker Man was an identity created by the famous bandit leader Vakrama as a means to intimidate rivals and members alike. But when his gang members found out, they quickly turned against him. With unfinished business, Vakrama rose again as a ghost due to his immersible greed and desire for vengeance. He once again assumed the identity of the Skullstalker Man, picking of his foes one by one. When he had no enemies left, he vanished. Now, more than 150 years passed, until something awoke him again, and more killings occurred, not only against marauders, but villagers, fishermen, and other people living in the swamp.

It was not until agents of the Vamachara arrived in region, that Vakrama's ghost was put to rest once and for all.

The mysterious witchdoctor that lives alone in the northern part of the Doyang Swamp. When the villagers of Gulang need supernatural aid, they turn to Sukhayo for advise. Most people tend to avoid him, but he sometimes arrives in the village to trade his medicine for supplies. Arugan prevented an angry mob from hurting Sukhayo when he was visiting the village of Gulang. In return, Sukhayo aided them when they confronted the Skullstalker Man again.

Tamat is a herbalist in Gulang that makes a living trading medicine. If he's unable to diagnose a condition or cure an illness, the villagers often turn to Sukhayo, the swamp's resident witchdoctor. Unlike Sukhayo, Tamat relies on non-supernatural remedies and recipes.

Tanjaya, nickname "Tan", is a man of half-Ebon, Half- Niahnese ancestry. His father was a Niahnese sailor that came to the Illan Archipelago, where his mother lived. Tanjaya has thirteen siblings. Because his parents had so many children, Tan was sent away to the Temple of the Lotus Blossom to become a monk. He has spent most of his life within the temple compound. Tan is a strict vegetarian. The Vamachara approached him when they learnt that he had the ability to harm evil spirits with his bare hands! Even though Tan is now a full member of the society, he still maintains and upholds his monk vows.

Yalan owns a fishery near the village of Gulang. He was a business associate of Vakrama, who directed Yalan and his bandits against ferries passing through the area. Yalan fled the area when the Skullstalker Man was defeated.

Vakrama was a well-known bandit leader in the Doyang Swamp region. According to the legend of Kirani, a mahomanay named Kirani showed him great affection. How he died is not certain. Some claim that members of his own gang found out that he was the Skullstalker Man, while others say they simply where after his riches. But to this day, no one knows where Vakrama hid his treasure. Some believe it still lies hidden somewhere in the swamp.

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