Chandravkra I

Emperor Chandravkra I (died 4298) was a Kaliyatra emperor.


Chandravkra was born to Emperor Satyaswara and Empress Dowager Ashalata. He was Emperor Satyaswara's only son.

Early reign

After Emperor Maharasa was killed by his mother Empress Dowager Ashalata, general Bhasamukha overthrew her and put Emperor Chandravkra on the throne. Publicly, Bhasamukha returned authority to Chandravkra, yet the general retrained command of the armed forces while replacing several officials with those aligned with him, into positions of influence. He also kept a close watch on Emperor Chandravkra, installing several consorts to spy on him. Bhasamukha also forced Emperor Chandravkra to marry his daughter Yamulaka as his empress.

Late reign

With Kaliyatra under the threat of attack by Pahanari Lands, his advisors suggested to marry off a daughter of the Imperial family to Binadamu, a Pahanari warlord. But believing it was not enough insurance, he refused and asked Chandravkra to marry his daughter, Aaliyah, and divorce his wife. Chandravkra married Aaliyah and created her empress. He divorced Empress Yamulaka, and made her a Nagaist nun. This brought peace with the Pahanari Lands.

Chandravkra was imprisoned by and subsequently poisoned to death by Emperor Prawira.


Chandravkra had an uncontrollable lust for women. His favourite was Yamulaka, the first wife of Emperor Chandravkra. He also had favoured Consort Dian. Neither Yamulaka nor Consort Dian bore him a child. Concerned that he did not have an heir, Yamulaka and Bhasamukha openly encouraged the emperor to take on more concubines.

Personal information

  • Father
    • Emperor Satyaswara
  • Mother
    • Empress Dowager Ashalata
  • Wife
    • Empress Yamulaka
    • Empress Aailyah
  • Major Concubines
    • Consort Dian
    • Consort Padmalati
    • Consort Indah
  • Children
    • Twelve children, although only Athikaya II survived infancy.

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