Type Paramilitary organization
Founded c. mid 4200s
Headquarters Palalangan island
Arau and Luzon territories
Key people Onarila
Purpose Prevent the completion of the Kaia Stone, limit Pahanari interests in the region, and re-establishment of shoal-people rule over Palalangan
Affiliations Kedayuh separatists
Pahanari separatists
Sirena and siyokoy
Kaliyatra empire
Strength 1,500 elite soldiers
1,000 sirena and siyokoy
2,000 to 4,000 irregulars

The Cacalda was a shoal-people paramilitary group created in response to the Pahanari colonization of Palalangan's western coast.


In 4304, after the island was annexed by the Pahanari, the Cacalda was reorganized as an auxiliary to the Palalangan Royal Guard, with the long-term goal of re-establishing Palalangan.

When the conflict with the Pahanari Lands intensified, Cacalda became more involved in the war. It began conducting raids on Pahanari outposts in central Palalangan and harassing the Kaliyatran armed forces in the south-east.

Dhalrane rejoins the Cacalda after the Green Army chooses to believe that the Kaia Stone is the key to victory over the Kaliyatra empire.

In 4592, Cacalda entered a non-aggression pact with the Kaliyatra after a failed attempt (or unwillingness) to coordinate their efforts with after the human resistance. Cacalda regained control over Ayuyang with the help of the Kaliyatra armed forces. During the Battle of Ayahsiras, Cacalda were employed as elite soldiers who used their knowledge of the island to help secure a Kaliyatran victory over the Green Army.

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