Bunians or Ujit (meaning "forest people") are a race of tree-dwelling humanoids who inhabit the lush jungle islands of Langa and Sangha. Legends speak of the Bunians as forest lords with ancient ties to the Suwarnabumi archipelagos. Bunians mostly live in trees and are the largest living arboreal humanoids. Indigenous to the island of Langa, bunians prefer to live in the high reaches of the canopy layer where they build make-shift platforms. These platforms are accessed via ladders and rope bridges made from fibers and woven leaves. They are perhaps most famous for fighting with the Kaliyatra against the Kedayuh and Langanese during the Laiak Insurgency.

Bunians are roughly of human height, standing between 4 1/2 to 5 feet in height with slim athletic bodies. Bunians have dark skin in the range of light brown to black. Their eyes are most commonly sea-green, with hazel or honey somewhat rarer. Most bunian have black or brown hair, but green hues are not unheard of. This hair grows into long, twisted locks, symbolizing their disregard for vanity. The ears of the bunian are long and swept-back. Their hands are graceful, with three very long fingers, and one opposable thumb. Bunians typically paint their bodies and wear clothes that make them less visible in the rainforest. Even when leaving the forest or in the cities, bunians dress the same.

They speak their own secret language, and usually adopt a few human and other nonhuman languages. It is rare to find a bunian who is literate.


Bunians are a quiet, withdrawn people who do not tolerate any disrespect taken against nature without asking it's permission. They are very spiritual and practice a mix of animism and ancestor worship. Offerings in the form smoked meat (the only instance where bunian's prepare food other than for the purpose of preserving it) are made to honour their ancestors. They are taught that all choices they make reflect on those that came before them, and failure to bring honour brings shame to the whole tribe. Those that bring shame to their tribes are 'marked' and shunned from bunian society. Such individuals choose to live solitary lives on the forest floor.

As a people, bunians value cunning, honour and independence. Because Bunian are fiercely independent they are often well treated and respected by local people. The Langanese, despite fighting the bunian during the Laiak Insurgency, still respect them rejecting the way of Kaliyatra, something that the Langanese themselves strive to do.

The bunian culture is centered around one thing: hunting. The more successful they are at hunting, the more they advance in their society and get more say in tribal politics. Selection of leaders are based on demonstrated merit and talent. They make no distinction based on gender—everybody are given equal opportunity.

A bunian's weapon of choice is the recurved bow, favouring shock and awe tactics, striking with deadly precision, then quickly disappearing into the forest. Like nature itself, they show no mercy, viewing the world in a hunter-prey perspective. Although renowned for their skill in archery, bunians also employ broad-bladed knives called badik in hand-to-hand combat. Bunians are highly successful hunters that hunts a wider variety of prey than most other animals and humanoids. They usually hunt at night, dawn, or dusk, and will sit and wait for prey to approach within striking distance before killing their prey slowly using weapons coated with poison. Bunians will then cut the prey into large chunks and drag it up to the safety of a tree.

One of the more notable observed rituals among the bunian are the yearly courtship dances, which the male show off their beauty and try to convince a female to bear his offspring. Marriage ceremonies exist, but are rarely undertaken. Most relationships tend to be casual and very brief. Bunian children are generally reared by wet nurses.


Despite rapid urbanization of other cultures and races in Suwarnabumi, bunian society has not changed that much. The bunian remain a predominately tribal people and identify themselves with various clans. Bunian tribes are divided into six groups: Chandarith, Mahomanay, Vantha, Sarann, Tahamaling and Makarath. According to the oral tradition of the bunian, these six tribes are descended from the six children of Soryamaracha, the mythical ancestor of the bunian race.

Game Information

Bunian Background Traits: Bunians possess the following background traits.
—Ability Adjustments: +1 Strength, +1 Consitution, -1 Intelligence, -1 Charisma
—Bonus Feats: Night Vision
—Favoured Feats: Diehard, Hide In Plain Sight
—Special: Bunians have a climb speed of 20 feet and a +8 racial bonus on all Climb checks.

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