Bintang is an Ebon Expert spirtual leader who lives in the outskirts of Kirawa. He lived a relatively peaceful life until the Kaliyatrans came to Panau. They made a settlement in the south-west, which would later become the city of Tanujaya, pushing the Ebon tribespeople further into the island. Following the Kaliyatran's settlement in Panau, the sirenas and siyokoys became more violent, threatening villagers and city-dwellers around the coast. But Bintang recieved a vision that this would happen, and helped negotiate a truce between the settlers and the water people. Since that day, the Kaliyatrans have offered sacrifices to those that live in ocean, even if many people cannot remember why.

Currently, Bintang acts as a teacher and spiritual guide for the villagers in Kirawa.

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