Berhala ("Worship of the Idols") is a polytheistic, shamanistic religion which is found throughout the Pahanari Lands. It is one of several Pahanari religions blending Thalathanist beliefs with traditional Achariyan shamanism. The basis of the Berhala religion is the nurture of a personal relation with the help of a spiritual guide, or mchawi ("a witch"). The role of a the mchawi, usually a woman, is to act as intermediary between the human and spirit worlds.

The practice also incorporates dancing and music. At festivals, dances are performed to invoke the Berhalas, who possess bystanders or shamans to send messages. Pahanari believe that these spirits are very similar to humans and enjoy celebrations more than obligatory veneration. As human-like beings, the Berhalas make mistakes to. In contrast to Thalathanism, the principal form of devotion is an animal sacrifice. Sacrifice is forbidden in Thalathanist doctrine.

Today, belief in Berhala is not as widespread as it once was, but the practices are still keep alive.

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