Beltzan Wars

The Beltzan Wars refers to attempts by Thanolese armed fighters to assert control over the Beltza region in southwestern Thano in the wake of the Phanarien withdrawal of Thano. They were fought between Thanolese separatists against Thanolese nationalist and Scyllian forces. The three wars are:

  • The First Beltzan War (called Beltzan Conflict) and began right after the withdrawal of Phanarien troops. The war was fought between Thanolese separatists and its revolutionary allies and the Scyllians. After a long campaign of resistance, Thanolese armed forces were defeated on the 17th Dry 744, which led to the reunification of Thano under the rule of the Thanolese nationalist government.
  • The Second Beltzan War (called the Thanolese Revolt) was a short war fought over a period of forty-five days between separatist forces and the Scyllian Expeditionary Force. The Scyllians claimed victory after the Thanolese surrendered in the town of Ainhoa.
  • The Third Beltzan War (called the Ramala's War) started when the Ayak Kalah tower was destroyed. Thanolese nationalists responded by sending a battalion of troops into the region, which quickly escalated into full-scale war between them and the separatist armed forces. This is an ongoing conflict.

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