Ayahsiras was a Kaliyatra outpost on the south-eastern coast of Palalangan. Less than 2,000 inhabitants live in the city, mostly shoal-people. It was largely abandoned by the Kaliyatra after the Buhain Wars when Palalangan became a tributary, similar to the mahomanay island of Sangha.


It was home to a large population of foreign occupiers, mostly nagari and Kaliyatrans, but also a one-quarter of the island's Kedayuh inhabitants. The Kaliyatrans were rumoured to have used forced labour, often attributed to the nagari's lack of sympathy for other races. Those who failed to pay taxes were sent to labour camps and branded as criminals, making it pointless to escape.

The city held a reputation as an impenetrable fortress, with several moats and fortification walls, confusing mazes and watchtowers fitted with crossbows, strongly discouraging anyone from trying to attack them directly.

The last engagement of the Buhain Wars was fought outside Ayahsiras, where anti-Kaliyatra forces tried to take the city, but an alliance of nonhumans defeated the human resistance.

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