Athikaya III

Emperor Athikaya III (reign 4655 - 4672) was a Kaliyatra emperor.


Emperor Athikaya III ascended the throne at the age of ten when his father, Empreror Chandravkra II died. In 4655, his mother, Empress Padmachi, abdicated the throne in favour of her son. He gave her the title Empress Dowager Padmachi. Emperor Athikaya III was known for his poetry and studiousness.

Under him the Kaliyatra Empire expanded greatly for first time since Emperor Maharasa. Capable generals like Sakantha helped him expand the empire and adding new countries, which stretched from Niah in the north to the Raju Islands in the south. His biggest achievements were the defeat of the Kedayuh people, annexing the Nau Islands into the empire. He also successfully defended his empire against the Thalathanist invasions under the Pahanari warlord Amarshak.

He died after reigning for 17 years in 4672. He was 32. Emperor Athikaya III was succeeded by his son Bhimaksa, who conquered Panau (4675). His also had second son, Prince Durapriya, who died of sickness at the age of twelve.

Personal information

  • Father
    • Emperor Chandravkra II
  • Mother
    • Empress Dowager Padmachi
  • Wife
    • Empress Malavika (created 4658), mother of Prince Durapriya, died in 4671
  • Major Concubines
    • Consort Himangi, mother of Emperor Bhimaksa
  • Children
    • Durapriya, the Prince Durapriya (created 4658), original heir apparent
    • Bhimaksa, the Crown Prince Bhimaksa (created 4660), later emperor

Famous Quotations

"You, yourself, are your only teacher"
"Learn without thinking begets ignorance. Think without learning is dangerous."
"True knowledge is when one knows the limitations of one's knowledge."

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