Ancient Achariyan People

Ancient Achariyan peoples are all those people lived in Achariya (including the islands of Kifaru and Yuda) before the Phanarien domination. The Achariyan tribes are described as semi-nomadic pastoralists, headed by a tribal chief (khan) that governed small settlements. They formed a priestly caste responsible for reciting hymns and litanies, drawn from the pre-Thalathanist sources. Rival khans formed warrior societies that engaged in cattle raids and ritual warfare against each other and themselves.

The Batu-log, or enemy people were low-born Achariyan people that formed a lower caste. They inhabited the islands Kifaru and Yuda. The Batu-log and related tribes were identified as the enemies of the Achariyan tribes. According to Phanarien accounts, the Batu-log disappeared under the pressure of the Achariyan.

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