Amaranatha was the last king who ruled the Kingdom of Phurahan from around 4069 to 4088. He succeed Saradindu. Amaranatha conquered several areas, including Shimah and established a colony in Panau and the Nau Islands. Amaranatha's sister, Nadimah, was married to a Harathi king in Shimah. Their son was Himavata.

In 4082, Amaranatha invaded the Salangara Kingdom in an attempt to capture Champaka, but was unsuccessful. This invasion caused the king of Salangara to seek protection from Jukang. In 4088, a bodyguard killed both Amaranatha and his eldest son Jayanta in their sleep. In the meantime, Aravinth, son of Saradindu, took advantage of the crisis and managed to reclaim the throne. He proclaimed himself King, and founded the Tarangaratna kingdom, thus ending the kingdom known as Phurahan.

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