In Thalathanism, Amarachi or Amara is the fierce warrior aspect of Bumathi, the Divine Mother. She is sometimes identified with the goddess Matahari as well. Amarachi is a wrathful deity (demon) and protector of Thalathanism. Amarachi is the consort Shahkamana. According to the Achariyan, Amarachi was originally a tribal war deity worshipped by the clans of the tribelands in central Achariya, but assimilated into early Thalathanism. As a goddess of war, she demanded blood and human sacrifices. Her worshippers still do, but usually make animal offerings instead (at least in times of peace).

The black coloured Amarachi wears a wreath of severed skulls. She rides a tiger or stands on top of a corpse of a man, and has four or six arms. She is carries a spear, a mace, a drinking vessel filled with blood, a severed head, and a bow. She also wears a crown with other ornaments.

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